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Friday, September 2, 2011

CORRUPTION,,,,, Just My thought

Just Think One thing,, who is there in assembly? Most of the Mps whether they graduated or not,,, but most of them holding bundles of criminal cases in their names,,,According to one report 150 MPs of the Lok Sabha have criminal cases pending against them while nearly 300 have declared assets worth more than Rs 10 million,Then How you all expecting Law against corruption will pass by Govt???/Even ANNA HAZARE know this well,,, Have you heard about Jayprakash Narayan ,, if not please read about him and his Total Revolution How he made and why he made,,,,Anna Can Try like JP,,, Instead of doing Fasting he can go to all over India if he really wants to do revolution,,,JP Even with heart problem and poor health he went all over india,,,Guys Think well Whether Anna Hazare Doing everything in the correct way,,,One more thing How they are doing corruption??/ all because by Rich powerful Corporate owners,,, and also think inside yourself,,, do we all really not doing any corruption at any time,,, am not Encouraging Corruption,,,It shuld be handled in proper way ,,Like TOTAL REVOLUTION,,Am asking from where we shud start clearing corruption and the right way,,,Starting from holy place temple everywhere its sedimented,,,,,We shud change first ,,,At Some time Some where Some point Some minute Some day we also did ,doing corruption or helping corruption,,,All for one reason CONVENIANCE AT EXPECTED TIME,Or Under some pressure,,, How many of us Got Our DRIVING LICENSE without giving Bribe? How Many of us Not giving donation to our kids??? How many of us not giving donation in colleges??/How many of us not really getting Dowry???How many of us not giving any money to see or go near to God in Temples,,,We shud change first,,,before telling about some one,,, If u r not changing how u r expecting others will change,,,, 

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